The Cal 100 Club

We Did It!

We hit our goal of $10,000 raised for Calapalooza 2022. Please proudly wear your Cal 100 button to the event! Also, we’ll meet at the front of the stage at 6:00p at CALAPALOOZA for the Cal 100 Club big check presentation & group photo.

What’s the goal? The sky is the limit!

Join the club and invite a friend or two, or twenty! 🙂 Let’s challenge each other to see how big we can make this! Just 100 donors = a $10,000 donation, 250 = $25,000… you get the gist!We will be raising money and adding up the $100 donations until just before the CALAPALOOZA Event on 9/30/22. All $100 donors will receive an exclusive ‘Cal 100 Club’ button to proudly wear at the event, and your name will be included on a Cal 100 Club banner at CALAPALOOZA. The final total raised/donated by the members of Cal 100 Club will be announced and celebrated at the event!

What we’ve raised so far

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